Maximizing Your Mexico Vacation [ePub]

by George Puckett

Mexico and the US have a common border of nearly 2,000 miles. There are 45 Border crossings. Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Tourism is a vital part of the national economy with more than 20 Million tourists per year.

Despite the common border, Mexico is another country and is quite different from the US, especially when you leave the immediate border region.

When you vacation in Mexico you should arm yourself with certain knowledge to help make your vacation more enjoyable and without unfortunate incidents.

To help you maximize the use of your vacation budget we also include information on currency exchange and hidden credit card charges you can and should avoid. Most credit cards charge an extra fee for transactions in foreign countries. This information is buried among the “gobblygook” small print that comes with your credit cards. We provide you with a list of companies that don’t charge a fee.
When is the best time to purchase an Airline ticket to secure the lowest price? Many people feel that it’s 30 days for US destinations. Not true! We provide you with this information for the USA, Mexico, Latin America and many other foreign destinations.
Vacationing in Mexico can be less expensive in the off season. That’s probably true for all tourist destinations. For Mexico this would be after Easter and before the middle of October.

Much of this information could apply to any vacation to another country so keep that in mind and have a safe and enjoyable vacation wherever you travel.
This book will provide you with many opportunities for financial rewards.



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