The Devil's Handshake [ePub]

by Michael Reagan

Packed with facts and an array of “hidden truths” from the shadowy world of the power brokers. Spanning three decades and entwining those who follow him and the loved ones he has sworn to protect "The Devil’s Handshake" is the first book in Sir Thomas Litchfield series about an ex SAS solider turned Oligarch, who treads a dangerous path within a spiralling circle of treachery that governs the new cold war fought between the nations of the world.

From the battlefield to the corridors of power the reader joins Thomas and the leaders of nations in their pursuit of the right to control the world's Natural Resources in a story where greed and power, collide with revenge.

Set just after the annexation of Crimea the first book in the series finds Litchfield stuck right in the middle of the world's latest crisis on the Horn of Africa in the world's newest nation.



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