The Timeline of World War II [ePub]

by David Jordan

Less than 25 years after the “war to end all wars,” the world found itself at war once again. World War II was the biggest conflict of the 20th century, involving the armed forces of 70 nations and resulting in a staggering 63 million casualties. Now history buffs can study the fascinating and turbulent era from 1939 to 1945 in The Timeline of World War II. This cleverly designed book chronicles the war year-by-year, separately detailing key events in the European and Pacific Theatres. Presented chronologically, readers get a unique at-a-glance history of WWII as it unfolds, with a running timeline linking key developments of the era. Learn about the rise of Hitler and Mussolini; witness the devastating precision of the Luftwaffe; discover the horrors of war in the Pacific; and experience victory and the unsettled post-war world. This comprehensive book features more than 300 images, including rare historical photographs and full-color original works of art, bringing to life the engaging, fact-filled text. Also included is a fantastic 8-page double-sided gatefold timeline poster that can be removed for closer inspection.



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