The Legend of Chun Hyang [ePub]


This was fantastic, and had all of the makings of a CLAMP classic as well. This comes off as unfinished, but truly great in its own right. Even though it is one of their earlier works, (evident even without knowing the release date due to artistic choices) it still follows the atypical subject matter they are so known for. Most mangakas would not pick a Korean legend for their inspiration. China yes, but not Korea. I loved that they took it on while putting their own stamp on it.

The art was fine for them, but it was clearly rushed and at times messy. This was most evident in their monsters/animals (take special note of the dragon and tiger).

In a way, I'm glad they did not finish this. If they had continued through the legend, they would have probably followed the legend's ending and have our couple not end up together. That is CLAMP's trademark after all. This way I remember the story as a happier adventure with justice being carried out. It's a little odd that I would say "happy" with all of the death and suicide, but Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong have a lightness to them that I just enjoyed through and through.

I can see myself reading this one again, unlike many of the other CLAMP series I tend to pick up.



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