Restless Urges [ePub]

by L.B. Sommer

In a black and white world there is only fiction or non-fiction, yet in reality there is too much truth to this story to call it pure fiction so I prefer to call it gray fiction. Like a good conversation among friends, this book is not afraid to tackle those grayer areas where black and white are less defined, in this case where truth and fiction often intersect and blur together. In this book all of the thoughts, feelings, frustrations, desires, and experiences of the developing serial killer are authentic and real. The person who provided the insight for this story has been plagued by such ungodly thoughts and desires his whole life. Fortunately, he has never chosen to act on the violent fantasies and temptations that plague his mind and heart, yet that should not make any of his thoughts and fantasies less genuine or valid. It is also a fictional tale about the life and confessions of a serial killer. Many of the events and personal experiences that are incorporated into this story come from real life experiences of known serial killers. This was done in hopes of making this book the most accurate portrayal of human emotion possible. Half this book is true and half this book is purely fiction, so let the reader use their own discernment to distinguish where the truth ends and the fiction begins.



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