Filling Your Infinite Void With The Infinite Fullness Of The Lord [ePub]

by Tracey Brown

What if after 54 years of living a somewhat normal life, you were to wake up and find yourself being arrested and spending the next 17 months in jail? Could you say, "It's the best thing that ever happened to me"?

In her new book, "Filling Your Infinite Void With The Infinite Fullness of the Lord", Christian author, Dr. Tracey Brown, relates how her prison experience drew her closer to God and how she learned to make Him, her Best Friend through their times spent together in solitude.

Whether you know it or not, we are all seeking inner peace. Underneath every desire we have, there is the longing for inner peace. The problem is that we tend to look for it in all the wrong places and the wrong people.

Before you can begin to understand the void that is within you and how God can fill that void, there are two very important issues you must address. First, you must know who you are and who He is.

Only through times of solitude with God can we develop the intimacy and friendship that will fill us with God's great joy and peace.

As you make time for inner stillness in solitude, you open yourself to your sacred center. You dip your bucket into the well, into the great river flowing deep within. You experience yourself being held by the God, in whom you live and move and have your being. You hear God inviting you to let go of the controls, to surrender your pain, your fears, your preoccupations and simply be and let God love you. That is when you let God's compassion and love wash over you, rejuvenate you and heal you.

Dr. Brown shows you how to find your own times of solitude in this chaotic world and how to use these times to the fullest. That way you can know how wonderful it means to have God as not only your Heavenly Father but also, your Best Friend.

"Filling Your Infinite Void" will help you start your journey to solitude by showing you how to make time for solitude even through some of the most common roadblocks and how to overcome these road blocks; then guide you all the way to truly enjoy friendship and intimacy with the Lord so your mind and heart will be refreshed and renewed in a way only He can.



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