Kaldor (Harn Fantasy Setting #5006) [ePub]

by N. Robin Crossby

"CONTENTS - KALDOR: The Kingdom of Kaldor is on the verge of a succession crisis. The aging king has no legitimate heir, and contenders for the throne are jockeying for position. A large colour map of the kingdom is included, with political, historical, economic, and cultural notes, and a colour plate of the heraldry of the Kaldoric great clans. OLOKAND: A formidable royal castle, Olokand controls the Fur Road to Orbaal. The site of a prestigious Royal Tournament of Chivalry. KIBAN: An emerging walled town and the second largest settlement in Kaldor. Ruled by the powerful Earl of Balim, who may have designs on the throne, it is an important mercantile settlement. Includes a colour map and interior plans. ANISHA: An earthmaster site guarded by the Mendar tribesmen. Numerous legends speak of the enigmatic structures at Anisha and their purported secrets. A map of the site and extensiue inferior plans are included. ELKALL-ANUZ: The ruined capital of Lothrim the Foulspawner's lost empire. For those who can brave the miasma of fear and legend, Elkall-Anuz has many opportunities. TROBRIDGE INN: A waystation on the Salt Route, claimed by both Kaldor and the Thardic Republic and the haunt of cutthroats and brigands. A colour map and interior plans are included. KATH: The wild hillmen of Kathela, pressured by the expansionist Kingdom of Kaldor. CHELNI: The aggressive tribal horsemen of the Chelna Gap. TULWYN: The tough, sometimes brutal, tribesmen of Athul are a major hazard to travel on the Salt Route. NOTE: Most the above material appeared in Encyclopedia Harnica numbers (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), and (8)."



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