Pick Me up and Buy Me [ePub]

by Anthony E. Thorogood

There was a British television sit com called As Time Goes By, about an ex-coffee planter and a female executive who ran a temping agency in London. Well the point is, the ex-planter was writing a book and went to the temping agency for a typist and met the female executive and they fell in love, in fact they had fallen in love about 40 years previously, and now they rediscovered each other. So why am I telling you about an obscure British TV show? The book writing ex-planter had a young publisher who’s one aim in business was to create pick me up and buy me books and to do this he wanted the ex-planter to fill his books with pizazz and chutzpah (huuts-pah) so really that is what you, the prospective writer/publisher, need to do in your book.

I have read quite a few books in search of the essential pick me up and buy me pizazz and I am not a new boy in the field of marketing, I run a successful business, and I do know a few things about marketing that I have picked up over the years. What I am trying to do in this book, for my own benefit as well as the reader’s, is to form a marketing plan that will increase the pick me up and buy me qualities of books.

I looked at the myths of how easy it is to succeed and debunked them, then I looked at what to do and what not to do, looked at ways to make my book look good in relation to the cover, the first line and the first chapter and I can tell you, all these things work and can help you increase sales and need to be studied very seriously, but my idea now is that the best way to increase the pick me up and buy me quality of a book is simply to increase the visibility of the book and author. Make yourself visible and people will buy your book, it’s as simple, or as difficult as that. How to make yourself stand out from the crowd, now that is the difficult bit.

The ex-planter resisted all efforts on the publishers part to put chutzpah into his book but with a good backer and lots of help the ex-planter did sell a few books, even though the book was a heap of rubbish, and the ex-planter ended up writing a TV sit com version that went to air across America. Oh yes, he married the female executive, so if you write a half reasonable book everything is to play for!



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