Quantum Mathematical Physics [ePub]

by Walter Thirring

This edition combines the earlier two volumes on Quantum Mechanics of Atoms and Molecules and on Quantum Mechanics of Large Systems, thus including in a single volume the material for a two-semester course on quantum physics. Since this volume is already quite heavy, I could not include many new results which show how lively the subject is. I just want to mention that inequality (IV:4. 1. l. 1) has been sharpened by T. Weidl by a factor 2][ and the difficult problem 1 of (III:4. 6) has been solved by A. Martin. I have to thank N. Ilieva for the devotion in preparing this new edition. Vienna, November 2001 Walter Thirring Preface to the Second Edition: Quantum Mechanics of Atoms and Molecules Ever since the first edition of this volume appeared in 1980 quantum statistical mechanics has florished. Innumerable results in many areas have been obtained and it would require a series of volumes to do justice to all of them. On the other hand the first edition was already rather crowded with many details so it would not be overburdened any more. Thus I added only one chapter on quantum ergodic theory where one can get the main notions across without too much pain. Nevertheless many subjects treated in the book had splendidely developed ever since and the only way out I could see is to add some recent references which the interested reader can consult.



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