Growing in Christ [ePub]

by J.I. Packer

Why is this not a classic? Seriously. Let me try and answer that question: The title. This book is probably cast aside because of the vague title. This is less a book on Christian Sanctification, and more an overview of "What Christians Believe." In fact, it used to be titled: "I Want to Be a Christian."

As an more in-depth introduction to Orthodox Christianity, I can't imagine a better book. I speak no hyperbole. This is so good.

This book is really a concise and devotional commentary on each phrase of 1) The Apostles Creed, 2) The Lord's Prayer, and 3) The Ten Commandments. There are temperaments out there (like mine) that should be very attracted to such a format. JI Packer, like Derek Kidner, another favorite theological writer of mine, does not waste a word. In a world of Christian "books" that should be articles, this is an act of loving-kindness to his readers.

I anticipate having this book on hand for those who are interested in actually learning about the tenants of Orthodox Christianity. I also anticipate referencing this book often in my study.



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