Soul Mates 101 Series Set (Soul Mates 101 #1-3) [ePub]

by Scarlet Wolfe

A Week for Love to Bloom
Is it coincidence or fate that brings Justin Garrison and Lauren Evans together on the same dark, country road one May night?
Twenty-five year old Justin quit his job on an oilrig in California and traveled back to his hometown of Masonville, Tennessee. He intended for his vacation in Masonville to be a pit stop on his path to creating a future elsewhere, but an encounter with the beautiful and independent Lauren Evans turns Justin’s future plans upside down.
After a devastating betrayal by her father, twenty-one year old Lauren is left to manage her family’s garden and nursery business in Masonville. Although guarded from the betrayal, she still longs to find love. After a few chance encounters, Justin and Lauren are unable to resist each other.
The magnetic attraction between them opens their worlds to an enthralling period of lust and passion. Will the intensity be too much for them to trust, or will a secret Justin’s family holds about Lauren destroy their chance at a future together?

Brett and Hannah
Hannah Ray Mason is the daughter of country music legend, Lorna Ray Mason. After finishing her freshman year of college, she’s looking forward to a fun summer relaxing around her pool with her friends. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for her hot landscaper, Brett Adams, who just finished his junior year at the same university.
Tired of his no-strings-attached dating with much older women, he’s ready to find his first girlfriend, but Brett has dating rules he refuses to break. Finding himself in Hannah’s path, he repeatedly protects her from trouble while denying her what she wants most, his love.
After a series of events, their friends are brought together by friendship and romance. The strong bonds forged among the group are tested by love, jealousy and tragedy. Happiness may come too late for Brett and Hannah when a twisted mind wants his hands on her, and Brett soon learns that accepting someone’s love isn’t a guarantee you get to hold on to it.
A scene in this novel may be triggering for victims of physical assault.

Dylan and Taylor
In book three of the Soul Mates 101 series, Brett, Hannah, and their eight friends are spending winter break together at the Masons’ cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Unable to leave with the rest of the group, Dylan and Taylor are forced to take the four hour ride together. What they don’t know when their journey begins is that their drive is going to take much longer.
Dylan spends his vacation protecting Taylor and trying everything in his power to win her trust. When he’s finally successful, Taylor tells the secret she’s been guarding. Her father, Vincent Page, is a legendary rock guitarist. He’s also Dylan’s idol. His idol whose daughter is sacred and untouchable.
The week is spent with their friends rallying to bring them together, but after Dylan spends months pining to win Taylor over, her spoiled upbringing and secret might make him run the other way, and it could be too much for Taylor to handle.
Read about the gang’s antics from an interesting night out at a club to a new game of quarters. Their group of ten becomes twelve in this push and pull story about friendship, heartache and love.
This series is for a mature audience due to harsh language and descriptive sexual scenes.



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