Pistols at Dawn [ePub]

by Michele Ann Young

A fatal duel leaves Victoria Torrington destitute and at the mercy of a well-known rake, Simon St. John, Earl of Travis. Known as Satan to the ton, the earl has a past shadowed by secrets and a reputation for the luck of the devil. To Victoria's surprise, he declares she must select a bridegroom by the end of the London Season or he will choose one for her. Tired of irresponsible males dictating her life, Victoria disputes his authority. The couple deny a growing attraction to little effect. Beneath the earl's chilly exterior, Victoria senses an honorable and caring spirit. For all Victoria's seeming innocence, Simon knows the full extent of feminine wiles and tries to distance himself. Together they face an enemy armed with the secrets of Simon's past. Will Victoria's determination thaw a heart frozen by betrayal and bring them happiness and love, or will her attempt to rescue him from the sins of his youth bring them both to ruin?Miche le Ann Young lives and writes in Richmond Hill, Canada, where she resides with her husband and two beautiful daughters.



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