Traitor! [ePub]

by Paul Moxham

At roughly 14,500 words, Part 4 of the serial, The Florida Chase, continues moments after the conclusion of Part 3. All the burning questions that readers have been asking will be answered in this thrilling final part that will knock your socks off.

Barely surviving the attack on their boat, Luke and Co. swim to shore only to discover that armed men surround them. To make matters wors, Luke discovers that there is a traitor! Who can it be?

Captured, Luke escapes and goes on the run. But with no means to get to the mainland, and no way to get help, what will he do? Where's his father and brother? And what are in all those crates being put onto the aircraft?

Will help arrive before the soldiers start World War III?

Or will Luke have to wage the battle all by himself?

Find out now by reading TRAITOR!



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