Maverick Hearts (Montana Mavericks #1-3) [ePub]

by Diana Palmer

Rogue Stallion by Diana Palmer

Sterling McCallum gave the plain, hard warning to Jessica Larson. The brooding rogue cop had a stone in place of a heart - and a past as mysterious as the case that had brought them together. But this time Jessica couldn't back off. Something compelled her to stand her ground - and brave the emotions this man had long aroused. Suddenly, their darkest secrets, their deepest desires, shimmered to the surface...about to explode...

The Widow and the Rodeo Man by Jackie Merritt

Blue-eyed, slow-talking and handsome-as-sin Luke Rivers appeared on her doorstep and just wouldn't go away. Marls Wyler had no pity for his hard-luck cowboy story. Only, Luke wasn't looking for a handout - he'd come to collect a debt. He'd take it in cash, he'd take it in horses - he'd take it on any terms the pretty widow named. Maris's conscience couldn't deny Luke's claim...and the woman in her couldn't resist striking a bargain....

Sleeping with the Enemy by Myrna Temte

Proud tribal leader Jackson Hawk was as powerful as the all-knowing night...and just as seductive. His magnetism drew Maggie Schaeffer ever closer - awakening her passionate nature and daring her to face her long-denied heritage. In this beautiful wilderness, there was so much she didn't understand. Was this enigmatic man her destiny - or a sworn enemy, determined to betray her in the ardent darkness?



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