Wild Inferno (A Wild Mystery #2) [ePub]

by Sandi Ault

When WILDFIRE erupts on a patchwork of land including the Southern Ute Reservation,Jamaica Wild is sent to find an old Ute man named Grampa Ned, who has vanished. Jamaica risks danger to go after him, but the fire crowns and torches through the area, forcing her to run for her life. As she escapes, Jamaica discovers a firefighter smoldering and wavering on the side of the road. The man, part of a hotshot crew that is trapped in the burn area, sputters a cryptic message to Jamaica before losing consciousness.

Soon, the fire threatens an encampment of Puebloans doing ceremony atop Chimney Rock, celebrating a rare and sacred celestial phenomenon. Among them is Jamaica's medicine teacher, Momma Anna, and her wolf, Mountain. As the fire rages out of control and a stalker makes attempts on her life,

Jamaica must work to ensure that the Native Americans and her beloved wolf are safe while she tries to discover what happened to both Grampa Ned and the burning man. What was Grampa Ned doing on the mountain before he was murdered—and why didn’t the burning man stay with his crew? What would make them risk incineration in a WILD INFERNO?



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