Sympathy for the Devil (Devil's Point, #1) [ePub]

by Holly Lisle

Be careful what you wish for...One day, dayne Kuttner, a nurse, couldn't take it anymore. Sick at heart from doctors ordering her to maintain the life in patients who were already dead, saving people who didn't want the help, and most of all angry over the thought her recently deceased husband would rot in Hell for an eternity on a technicality, Dayne threw up a challenge to God. She asked that God should have sympathy for the Devil and those in Hell should get a second chance. Throughout the time of man, God had always answered people's prayers if they were done in perfect sincerity, purity and belief.

So God grants Dayne's request. In His Fashion.

A few of Hell's denizens are to be released to Earth so long as they follow a few rules. Lucifer, sensing a once-in-an-eternity opportunity, puts his second-in-command, Agonostis, in charge of the "Hellraised." Agonostis, currently out of favor with his leader, wonders if he's being set up. His suspicions are confirmed when Lucifer takes him aside to tell him about a second special mission while he's on Earth: within a month he must Damn Dayne's soul. A person unarguably on God's special list...



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