Rumble Tumble (Hap and Leonard, #5) [ePub]

by Joe R. Lansdale

This book features the pistol whipping of a little person, the rescue of an armadillo from a gun dealer, a fight in a whore house, the amputation of a foot via shotgun, redneck pimps, arguments caused by dirty underwear, prairie dogs being sucked out of their holes by a glorified vacuum cleaner and a really good steak ranchero.

Yep.It’s another Joe Lansdale novel.

Hap’s girlfriend Brett is contacted by a couple of murderous pimps from Oklahoma who claim that her daughter, a prostitute, is in trouble.Hap volunteers to help Brett find her, and Leonard reluctantly comes along to watch their backs.Hap hopes to locate and grab Brett’s daughter before any big trouble can get started, but as usual, when Hap and Leonard try to do a good deed things get bloody in a hurry.

This is one of the more violent entries in the series, and it kicked off a depressing tone that would last through the next book.Lansdale always showed the cost of violence on Hap and Leonard, but this is one adventure that takes a serious toll on the guys.



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