The Three Success Secrets of Shamgar [ePub]

by Pat Williams

This motivational gift book shows with biblical wisdom that life isn't what you have, but what you make of the opportunity at hand.
Shamgar was an Old Testament judge, responsible for maintaining law and order in the land of Israel. Few people have heard of him, but he was a brawny, heroic, steel-muscled character who saved Israel by striking down six hundred Philistines with the only thing he had at hand: an ox goad. Within his story lies three simple yet powerful success secrets: start where you are use what you have do what you can This intimate hardcover dramatizes the story of Shamgar, telling about the Biblical times in which he lived in order to create an accurate picture of Godly success. The book is filled with practical, motivational applications for each demonstrated success principle, along with inspiring contemporary success stories of people who overcame obstacles and accomplished great things. This book is a simple yet powerful allegory that will create individual success and achievement, working in partnership with God.



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