2020 [ePub]

by Paul Moxham

Who thought that January 1, 2020 would be the start of the end?

Not Logan Pollock. He only had one thought on his mind on that fateful morning, and that involved his bride to be, but in one instant, in one second, all that changed as he, along with everyone else, witnessed something so horrific and terrifying that life would never be the same ever again.

Episode 4 in this thrilling, action packed saga about the apocalypse has all the requirements to make it a slam bang action read.

With the briefcase now stolen, Kenneth and Co. work together to escape from the aliens and from the island, only to find that another danger awaits them. As for others, with bullets flying everywhere and a traitor in the midst, getting to the top of The View proves to be much harder than they first thought, if not impossible.



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