Xavier Lust [ePub]

by Xavier Lust

Xavier Lust is one of the brightest lights in a recent wave of Belgian designers—such as Tom de Wulf, Jean Wauters and Frans van Praet—to achieve international recognition. Known in Belgium since the 1990s for his metal furniture and his designs for commercial and private spaces, Lust now works with such world-famous brands as De Padova, Driade, Moroso and Extremis. He successfully combines elegance with function, and his austere, almost origami-like re-shapings of single metallic sheets indicate a sensibility drawn to smooth lines and efficient use of minimal materials, often bespeaking a highly sculptural approach. Lust has stated, "I maintain a physical relationship with the objects, a subtle and not easily measurable relation, which can sometimes rise beyond concepts of comfort, solidity, price...I'm always searching for new methods of production, to create objects with innovative volumes, objects of accuracy." With 250 color images of works ranging from benches to candleholders, this book offers a taste of one of Europe's finest new designers.



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