Dean Koontz's Frankenstein (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, #1-3 omnibus) [ePub]

by Dean Koontz

In retelling the classic myth of Frankenstein, Dean Koontz brings to life creatures that have their own ideas about how the world should operate. In other words, you only think you know the story….

In Prodigal Son we meet Deucalion, a tattooed “man” who’s carried for centuries a terrifying secret. But when he arrives in New Orleans and learns of a serial killer who, it seems, carefully selects his victims, Deucalion offers to help Detective Carson O’Connor and her partner, Michael Maddison, find the one he knows is responsible: the deranged near-immortal Victor Helios—once known as Frankenstein.

City of Night opens on a city losing hope that Victor Helios’ engineered killers can be stopped. They are stronger, heal better and think faster than any human. And as one-time monster Deucalion and his human partners discover, they’ve infiltrated every level of New Orleans society.

In Dead and Alive, as a devastating hurricane heads for New Orleans, Helios’ soulless creations are spinning out of control. As a damned creature himself, Deucalion knows justice demands he face his mad creator. But first they must both confront a malignant entity with powers and a purpose beyond even their imagining.



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