Orchid Carousals [ePub]

by Lucy A. Snyder

This collection is divided into three sections: "Shimmer Stories" with three tales set in the Jessie Shimmer universe, "Apocalyptic Love" has two science fiction stories, and "Random Play" finishes off with ten assorted short pieces, poems, and fragments. The Jessie Shimmer stories were all a bit more graphic than the novels, but that's to be expected in a collection of erotica. I thought "Biscuit" was the best of the group. The second section was my favorite; "Fall of Darkness" would be a great low-budget horror film, and "In the Wilderness" is a fine old-fashioned science fiction story... though parts of it would have had Kay Tarrant's ears steaming, of course. The last section has some more amusing bits and notions; for example, how can you not like a story that starts off with the line "How much Gus could a succubus buss if a succubus could buss Gus?" Overall it's a good collection of stories, not the kind of thing one would probably be comfortable passing along to their mother or daughter, but nice stories nonetheless.



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