King's Cure (Fanuilh #5) [ePub]

by Daniel Hood

I have been a fan of the Fanuilh books since the day I first picked up "A Familiar Dragon". While mysteries have always intrigued me, I found the mesh between fantasy and intrigue engrossing and spent many a night discovering the complex plots and conclusions drawn by our hero Liam Rhenford.

The hero is realistic; his fear, his sarcastic remarks, and his expectations. In his mind he deals with real, familiar problems and debates - one I feel we, as readers, would ourselves think if we were thrust into such a situation, as outlandish as it may be.

Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed the stories and this book, the King's Cure, I do have to subtract a star for the ending. I found that, unlike previous books, the end was rather anti-climactic and left me a bit disappointed. Without saying spoilers, the position of the Pacifix and her intentions seemed rather clear to me from the beginning and, while the end holds true to realism, it was a bit of a let down all things considered. The only thing I can think is that it fit in with the overall scheme of the world Rhenford lives in, or perhaps it was just a sort of "moral to the story".

Either way, the book wound down mid-way through and while still an enjoyable read (keeping me entertained all night to read it, since I couldn't put it down), not quite up to par with the Sherlock Holmes-esque plot I've come accustomed to in the Fanuilh novels.

I still definitely recommend the King's Cure and believe it will still be an enjoyable read to any who have enjoyed, or who are knew, to the Fanuilh series. (And note, while I believe the books are best enjoyed in chronological order, they can easily be read and enjoyed out of order as well).



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