The Alpine Tales [ePub]

by Paul J. Willis

Fiction. The best part of any good fantasy world is the promise that you could get there yourself. In THE ALPINE TALES, that promise is kept. The Three Queens Wilderness is only the swing of an ice ax away from the mountains you may think you know. It is a world inhabited by three strange sisters at mortal odds—and by marmots and ouzels and pocket gophers ready to help you find your way. The dangers you'll face are ever present. For this alpine world was a place of perfection until, by the bane of the Lava Beast, it crumbled into something sadder. Join the quest to repair the ruins of glistening peaks and endless forests, and discover a land you will dearly love. Here, for the first time, all four books of THE ALPINE TALES, newly revised, are collected in a single volume.



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