Kearney [ePub]

by ArLynn Leiber Presser

Kearney, Missouri, is just 25 miles northeast of Kansas City, and though it's a quiet farming and ranching community, its close proximity to the downtown area makes it the perfect place for commuters who want a small town to come home to. Officially incorporated in 1869 and most likely named for Charles E. Kearney, president of the Kansas City and Cameron Railroad, Kearney is best known as the birthplace of outlaw Jesse James and his brother Frank. The James brothers joined with the Younger brothers to form a gang that terrorized the Midwest in the chaotic years following the Civil War. Although the James brothers worked only to enrich their own fortunes, a Robin Hood mythology has developed around them. Kearney encourages the celebration of the era, if not the actual man. Jesse James Festival in September is a time for watching rodeos, eating kettle corn, playing mud volleyball, and enjoying world-class concerts at the town's amphitheater. Kearney is the fastest-growing city in Missouri and a point of access to other parts of the state. Its schools are among the best in the country, and the village takes pride in its "business friendly" attitude.



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