"Rachel (Volume 1) [ePub]

by Carlos Ponce-Edit

Thisfictional reality deals with the harrowing experience of Rachel, murdered by the Israeli Defense Forces in the city of Rafah.Palestine. The horrendous fate of an American girl from Olympia, Washington never received the proper attention of the media.My interestin writing this book is to get a full investigation of what transpired the 16th of March of 2003 in Rafah. This forgotten community sits at the edge of the transcontinental gate to the Middle Eastunder Israeli fire most of the time.This book was born out of the desire to clarify a current issue. It happens, too much time has gone by and nothing has been accomplishedto put the perpetrators on trial.It starts describing her pure nature, her view of the world as a young girl.Her feelings and longings.Her desire to see a different reality.Her compromised voice with the poor. With the abused. With the hungry as young as a 10-year old little girl. Rachel shows the affinity with worth-living issues in close relationship with her teacher Tania who happens to be a great impulse in those early college years.Also, Jack, her boyfriend, plays an inspirational role in her young life. Then, she immerses herself into the reality of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, suffering in her own flesh what is still raging on today. Finally, Rachel pays with her own life her beautiful feelings for mankind.



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