Luna Córnea No. 7 [ePub]

by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio

In my opinion the best magazine about photography ever published in Mexico. Not only the photographs are incredible but the writing is amazing, sometimes magical. Their preference for uncommon, even weird topics in some issues creates an unfamiliar yet enjoyable feeling.
The magazine focus greatly in historical photography from Mexico. Each issue refers to a different topic. It is organized in individual articles, each one written around a series of photographs or focused in a particular topic with photographs added to it. The most interesting articles are in both spanish and english -others are only in spanish.
Due to the fact that the magazine is focused in the history of mexican photography some issues might be of less interest for people from other countries. Otherwise I would say it is one of the best magazines in the world.

In this issue, 7, the topic is the current american State of New Mexico.



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