Moon in Retrograde [ePub]

by John L. Taylor

John L. Taylor now reveals the real secrets of extra sensory perception and explains how and why the paranormal occurs. From early childhood, John was gifted with the ability to "see" and "feel" things known as clairvoyance, and extrasensory perception. In the years before 1960, many people looked upon sensitives and psychics as goof balls and nut cases. This caused some of those who were truly gifted to go underground or at least keep it to themselves. John kept his gift to himself, even from close friends until lately because there are too many charlatans and fakes running around who give credence to the skepticism about psychic phenomena.
John explains the close relationship between science and the supernatural. He also explores psychic detectives; mediums; psychometry; spirit photography; ghosts; human aura and Kirlian photography; brain and mind relationships; reincarnation; psychical research; spiritualism; clairvoyance; divination and fortune telling. Are any of these the real deal?
You will read about seances John conducted as a medium which put him in touch with ghosts and with entities outside our normal consciousness.
In 1958, while in Europe, a stunning experience started John on the road to find out what caused extra sensory perception (ESP). After returning to the United States, he was pulled into an alternate career as a sensitive and a medium doing life readings and seances for people in need, never taking money for his efforts.
John founded the California Association for Psychical Research (CASPR), which was a small core of dedicated people to investigate ESP. This book contains the transcripts of actual readings done for John by Dr. Betty McCain andby the famous German psychic, Clara Schuff.



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