Co-Star (Star Series, #2) [ePub]

by Jettie Woodruff

The following novel has been rated for restricted audience only.
You’ve met, and hopefully fell in love with Allie and Trevas. The Star series has been going through a makeover. After careful consideration, I have decided to make it four books rather than three. Stardust, because it was basically two stories, has been split into two. In Starburst you followed Allie through love, hurt, and fame. In book two, you’re going to meet Addison and her daughter Hailey. Allie will only be mentioned briefly in book two. Book four will bring everything full circle and hopefully conclude with a happy ending.
Meet Stepford wife, Addison, in Co-Star. Addison was a wife, a mother, and business woman. Living in an upper-class neighborhood, Addison lived the American dream. She had a very successful husband and a talented daughter, leaving little to be desired; or did it?
Dreading the days ahead, Addison prepared for an empty nest and life after Hailey. Having a life beyond Hailey and all her extracurricular activities left Addison with a feeling of void in her heart. She knew the day would come when Hailey would leave home and start her own life, she just didn’t know it was going to be this hard.
Planning one more family vacation before Hailey leaves for law school, Addison finds herself anxious to be on a beach with her husband and daughter for two weeks with no technology, meetings, practices, or late nights at work.
Life is not always predictable, even for people like Addison, who has had her life mapped out for years. See how one family vacation can tear a family apart while reuniting another one.



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