Webster's New College Dictionary [ePub]

by Merriam-Webster

The most detrimental book in existence and Satanic by, ironically, definition.

Language is the most influential tool in mind control. Language is the external expression of reality as a personal paradigm and supplanting one’s language into another is to manipulate the person into experiencing only what you allow.

Looking up the definition of a word is like unto sitting in a mass being given in a language foreign to you and being denied the opportunity to experience the Bible yourself. It is dogmatic, outdated and laughable

The dictionary is the bible of the spineless communicator.

The most empowering moment one can experience is to use a word “incorrectly” in a sentence, be corrected, and not care. That is enlightenment. That is transcendence. That is the epitome of the phrase “ignorance is bliss” because ignorance is not the state of unknowing but of truly living the truth of your own reality (these concepts, truth and reality, obviously not being one in the same.)



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