Abdullah [ePub]

by Hashim Nadeem

Abdullah is the kind of book which gives you answers about divinity. I read it at a time when my brains were bursting with a lot of questions about science and religion. This book has solved my problems and dilemmas aboutthe divine nature and science. I won't say that after reading this book, the thirst I had for my questions is quenched. But it sure did help me in seeing a different perspective of the divine nature.

I like how after falling in love with a girl at first sight, Abdullah goes on a journey that brings him closer to Allah. This love story is not your traditional love story where a boy and a girl falls in love and get married. Abdullah has described a more beautiful form of love which is not restricted to the union of two bodies but a love that is search for the love of another person's soul. When the love reaches a person's soul, it becomes purer. This love story tells how a love can turn a person's life upside down. It tells how hungry the soul gets to know more when it gets the knowledge of the divine. It tells how the souls are linked and connected. It tells how there are a lot of questions that science cannot answer.

This book has pure thoughts and feelings.
Amazing read!



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