Chip Scale Package, CSP [ePub]

by John Lau

The first comprehensive, in-depth guide to chip scale packaging, this reference gives you cutting-edge information on the most important new development in electronic packaging since surface mount technology (SMT). Featuring the latest design techniques, plus details on more than 40 different types of CSP, Chip Scale Package hands engineers and designers the complete, professional set of working tools that they need to solve technical and design issues; find the most efficient, cost-effective CSP solutions for their deployments; answer questions on interfacing, speed, robustness, and more; compare properties of wirebonds, flip chips, rigid and flex substrates, wafer-level redistribution, and other CSP products; get the latest information on new offerings from Fujitsu, GE, Hitachi, IBM, Matushita, Motorola, National Semiconductor, NEC, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Amkor, TT, LG Semicon, Mitsubishi, Shell Case, Tessera, Samsung, and other major companies; and learn about CSP products under development. A revolution in electronics, CSP is taking the electronics industry by storm. Page after page, this standard-setting guide gives you both essential technical details and an eye-opening overview of this fast-developing field. No matter how you use Chip Scale Package, youOll see why itOs the resource of choice for those who want to be at the top of the game.



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