American Gymnasts [ePub]

by Chip Lovitt

"They've set their sights on Sydney in 2000!" During the Atlanta Summer Olympics, Americans were transfixed by the Magnificent Seven, the young women who led the United States to its first-ever team gold medal in gymnastics. Since that underdog win, U.S. gymnasts have continued to succeed in international competition, performing routines with power and grace. Just in time for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, here's the scoop on the American gymnasts who are front-runners in the race for Olympic gold, including:

* Kristen Maloney, the two-time national champion who even has an uneven-bars move, "The Maloney," named after her

* Vanessa Atler, a three-time U.S. gold medalist and 1998 Goodwill Games champion, who has been called the new Mary Lou Retton

* Elise Ray, the two-time U.S. gold medalist whose spectacular performance at the 1999 World Championships exceeded all expectations

Plus Morgan White, Jennie Thompson, updates on 1996 gold medalists Dominique Moceanu and Amy Chow, and many more Olympic hopefuls!



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