Too Late for Tears [ePub]

by Tom Reilly

"‘The City That Never Sleeps’, is the setting for the real life drama of two New York detectives, Perino and Coyle. Although from different ethnic backgrounds they are an inseparable team. The mayor is coming up for election and the word on the street is that the DA’s job is on the line because of the escalating crime rate in the ‘Big Apple’. The trauma and effect on their personal lives is taking its toll. An unsolved gang land killing only adds to their woes but things get worse as the streets of New York are terrorized by a serial killer whose macabre trail of mutilated black women has a sickening twist. What is the reason behind this psycho’s pursuit of vengeance? The climax comes when the sanctuary of Coyle’s family life is threatened. He’s getting too close to the killer and he must be stopped! "



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