Haiku World [ePub]

by William J. Higginson

This unique anthology contains over one thousand haiku and related poems by more than six hundred poets living in fifty countries and writing in twenty-five languages, presented in both English and their original languages. It demonstrates how a tradition begun hundreds of years ago in Japan has now become international.

These highly condensed poems often hinge on words or phrases connected with nature; Japanese anthologies have traditionally been arranged by these seasonal themes and included explanations of them. Haiku World is the first book in another language to follow this structure—with explanations of seasonal phenomena from countries, cultures, and environments on every inhabited continent.

The companion volume, The Haiku Seasons, gives an overview of the whole tradition of the haiku genre, including haiku, senryu, and linked poetry. Haiku World gives us the world today—in the most generous international collection of such poems ever published—and demonstrates our common experience, beyond cultural and geographical boundaries.



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