The Tony Cassella Mysteries [ePub]

by Larry Beinhart

Three riveting mysteries featuring New York PI Tony Cassella—a dogged investigator with a dappled past working cases at home and abroad

In No One Rides for Free, Tony Cassella is a private investigator whose past includes a year or so at Yale University’s law school, a stint as a corrections officer, and a cocaine addiction. Though he’s recently gotten his life back on track, Cassella is drawn to trouble, and can imagine no greater thrill than his latest case: tangling with the SEC in an investigation that leads deep into the federal government. Continuing with You Get What You Pay For and Foreign Exchange,Cassella’s unique talents land him in the crosshairs of the mob, the IRS, and a dangerous world of international intrigue.


Larry Beinhart (b. 1947) is an award-winning author of mysteries, nonfiction and political essays, best known for his novel American Hero, which inspired the blockbuster film Wag the Dog. His first novel, No One Rides for Free (1986), introduced Tony Cassella, a thoroughly modern private investigator who also appeared in You Get What You Pay For (1988) and Foreign Exchange (1991). Beinhart’s next novel, American Hero (1993), told the story of an unpopular president who engineers a war to win re-election. Beinhart has also won an Emmy and a Dagger Award. He lives and writes in Woodstock, New York.



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