One More July [ePub]

by George Plimpton

When you find something you like, seek out its influences.

That's how I feel about music and writers, in particular.

A few years ago, my favorite sportswriter, Joe Posnanski wrote a blog post listing his all-time favorite books on sports.

I jotted down a good dozen or so of those and have been working my way through them here and there.

This was the first George Plimpton writing I have ever read and he delivered the goods.

Essentially, the book is written out from a tape recording that Plimpton did with former Packers and Colts center Bill Curry during a car ride up from Georgia to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where Curry was trying to make a comeback with the Packers.Curry played in the NFL from 1965 to 1974.

It's a nice look back at that era of the NFL as Curry talks about coaches he played under and superstar players that he went up against.

Good read for those interested in that period of NFL history.



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