The Bible of Karate [ePub]

by Patrick McCarthy

Named "The bible of karate-do" by Chōjun Miyagi (founder of Gōjū-ryū), having been in the hands of some of the most prominent Masters Karate has had, and being transmitted in secrecy from master to pupils, it's not hard to see the impact this work has had in Karate (even less when you consider that Funakoshi's and Mabuni's publications included precepts from it).

The book is a series of articles, which Mr. McCarthy has reorder (but kept with the original number order in which it appeared) into 4 sections: History and philosophy, Chinese medicine and herbal pharmacology, vital points, and fighting techniques, all of which count with an introduction from the author into the history or context from where many of them come, commentary and translation notes from the author, etc.

It's amazing the work that Mr. McCarthy has put into the translation of this work. Consulting several other martial artists and professionals both from Japan and China to corroborate his writing, it makes you wonder if any other version (both the Japanese translation the old Karate-Do masters used, and the original Chinese source) is better, specially in the herbal medicines section where most of the names where codified/invented -not official- , and reading the original names wouldn't tell you much unless you had some previous knowledge, but where McCarthy with the help of several other people has managed to make something logical out of it.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about Karate-Do in general, its' history, influences, mindset and even techniques and strategies, just don't expect everything to make sense on just the first read, since some of the information has been codified or even lost in the sands of time, and might take quite a few reads to make sense of it.



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