Why Religion Matters [ePub]

by Huston Smith

I picked this up off my uncle's shelf thinking that it would be some kind of fundamentalist Christian argument for why people should be Christian.But upon seeing that it was written by Huston Smith, I decided to check it out - and it's amazing!It's more about why what we commonly think of as spirituality matters - and it addressed some fundamental conflicts that I'd been dealing with in myself.For instance, the fundamental disbelief in anything "more" than what can be proven by an empirical experiment, which our modern culture in this country imposes upon us.That has been a conflict for me because I feel much more interested in life when I believe that what has been proven is only the tip of one of all of the icebergs in all the oceans; when I believe that anything is possible; when I meet reports of supernatural phenomena with interest and curiosity, instead of the assumption that that can't be true; but a big part of me is afraid of being foolish and unrealistic, and always hoping for something that will never be.This report doesn't really do the book justice - perhaps I'll write more on it when I read the book again, which I wanted to do as soon as I finished it.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who's interested in spirituality, religion, the nature of reality, and philosophy.



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