Games and Decisions [ePub]

by R. Duncan Luce

This is an advanced game theory text.Readers should be prepared to chew on the math behind decision making strategies and rationality.Were I more math inclined, I'm sure I would've loved this book. The authors' are know the subject matter, and write well; the book is logically organized, with interesting chapters. However, as someone who (tried to) teach myself Calculus, I couldn't manage; I may have just been scared off by the math. Someday I hope to return to this volume, better prepared. (If just to be able to map just how far from rational my decision making falls.)

This volume, and some others on negotiation theory and decision theory, accomplished what a number of well meaning teachers and my parents could not, a desire to learn math!Had I been given examples of the practical application of statistics (beyond sports stats), calculus, algebra, ..., I may have tried harder to master the concepts.



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