Criminals [ePub]

by Margot Livesey

This was an impulse buy when I bought Eva Moves the FurnitureI could get it at a reduced cost if I bought it right then and there.An lo, there was a bargin in site, and the eyes glazed and thefingers types "yes".

Anyhow, I really liked Eva and promised myself that I could read this once I finished NaNoWriMo- which I did.

I found this an intreging tale, once I got past the startle of having a character in a book with the same name I'd chosen for a character in mine.Well crafted, subtle in characterizations— all about temptations and what we'll do for love or for money.

A sympathetic and finely crafted novel of suspense and human susceptibility to temptation. On his way to visit his troubled sister in Scotland, a London banker finds a baby abandoned in a bus station restroom and takes the child with him. Meanwhile, a foreign-born mother is missing her baby, and her scheming boyfriend sees an opportunity for a tidy profit.

Criminals is the story of adult brother and sister Ewan and Mollie and their decision to rescue an abandoned child. But is the child being rescued by these two, or abducted? Where is the line between moral and criminal behavior? What is the cost of good intentions? Livesey paints a portrait of two people blinded by need and the desire for betterment.



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