The One Tree of Luna [ePub]

by Todd J. McCaffrey

Seven short stories of science fiction, science fantasy, fantasy and fable by the New York Times bestselling author with an illustration for each story.

The stories

"Tree": When Jimmy's father dies, he promises to watch out for his mother but late at night begs for someone to watch over him, and in the morning gets a fantastic surprise.

"The One Tree of Luna": Jenny is a Loony - a child born on the Moon - but she has big plans. Plans that never considered that someone might want to harm her special tree.

"Tribute": Amanda Brown, world-famous astronaut, would never tell her daughter, Annogi, the identity of her real father. And now, years after her mother's death, Annogi has hacked the station's security systems to find out her real dad's identity so that she can live with him. Only she didn't expect an intruder - with an axe.

"Why I Shot My Car": What happens when a talking car demands attention? And there's a talking gun, too?

"Dasher": Maggie Trudeaux was part of the fledgeling space navy and she wanted combat duty. She didn't think for a moment that she'd get it.

"Men!" A pleasure night in Paris ends with a surprise.

"Stone the Crows": Nerius Stimpton Poddlemore bore his name with all the grace that a youngster could manage.

NOTE: Previously published as SIX.



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