Poezii - Volumul I [ePub]

by Mihai Eminescu

Because Goodreads does not have the book I'm looking for, I'm using this one to substitute for the volume Poezii - Antume.(Paralela 45)

My review will cover the volume as a whole which features renowned works such as: Luceafărul, Ce te legeni, codrule, Floare albastră, Pe lângă plopii fără soţ, Somnoroase păsărele and so on and forth.

While reading, I was fondly remembered of my years in middle school where we had to memorise and/or study various poems written by Eminescu. Of course, I was also reminded of 15th January, which is. both the birthday of the author and the National Culture Day.

And when I finally put down the book and marked it as finished, I started thinking about it.

Eminescu is considered a national treasure, the national poet, even. And do people genuinely like and enjoy his works or are they directly influenced by his reputation into thinking that he is indeed truly great?

Maybe I don't enjoy Eminescu as much as I should as he has earned his reputation for a reason. So, I seeked advice, and I asked my father about what he thinks. And, of course, he gave me the answer I was looking for which was that at the time when he wrote his poems, they were something else. They were revolutionary. He was the pioneer of the Romanian literature, being appreciated by those that came after him.

But is his work still relevant and relatable to today? Yes and no.

Eminescu's work did stand against the test of time but that does not mean he is not outmatched our outclassed by other poets, Romanian or not.



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