Dark Waters (The Tales of Sinner Sharpe, #1) [ePub]

by S.C. Parris

My name is Sinner Sharpe and I kill for a living.

I've just got a new job, delivering the head of some Prince to the Queen of Bloodera, and as per my custom, I've begun my search for some new recruits. The old ones never seem to stick around long.

I make sure of it.

I do what I can to make ends meet, and if that means ripping some throats, spraying some blood, and getting my hands good and dirty, I have no qualms with it.

I am as some would call an assassin, a mercenary. I call myself a man of many talents.

Sure, my line of work isn't cut out for the layman, but that's why I keep Dagger around, to make sure the layman never set foot on my ship, The Bloody Sinner.

And it turns out this Prince won't come easy: it'll be one hell of a ride getting his head off his body, because he's running. And by running he's not making my job any easier.

And I'm no stranger to tough jobs, just ask Dagger.

But this is the first time I've ever had to traverse the Dark Waters, the nastiest stretch of ocean this side of the Nine Lands.

But with a million gold pieces on the line, I'll get my mark, even if it kills me.

I am Sinner Sharpe.

These are my Tales.



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