Anstractor [ePub]

by Greg Dragon

Rafian VCA is a gifted soldier in the planetary alliance but his life becomes complicated when he joins an elite group of spies known simply as the jumpers. Although his military career is beyond impressive, and his superiority on the battlefield is legendary, the jumpers force Rafian into a reality that makes everything he had accomplished prior to them seem menial.

To complicate things even more, Rafian finds himself in love with two women from two different worlds. His home planet is invaded and he is unable to assist. He is thrown down a rabbit hole of pain, confusion, and loss until he realizes that everything was meant to prepare him.

Rafian's true destiny is to save the galaxy of Anstractor—starting with the human planet of Vestalia. It is a charge that will take him across multiple planets, multiple galaxies, and multiple realities. He must save the galaxy but he cannot do it alone...



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