Impeachment [ePub]

by Charles L. Black Jr.

In a classic guide to presidential impeachment, Charles L. Black clarifies the issues and questions that surround this controversial subject. With a new foreword by constitutional expert Akhil Reed Amar, this authoritative book is essential reading for every concerned citizen. "The best essay written on the subject."-Jeffrey Rosen, New Republic "[Black's] timely volume clearly and lucidly covers everything from what constitutes "high crimes and misdemeanors" to the scope of Executive privilege. . . . The measure of his book's achievement is that it tells the reader not what to think but what to think about."-Time "A citizen's guide to impeachment. . . . Elegantly written, lucid, intelligent, and comprehensive."-Mary Ann Gale, New York Times Book Review "Black's survey is a dispassionate, invaluable beam of light. . . . This everyman's guide to impeachment outlines the process leading to the removal of a President by Congress, places it in historical perspective, [and] discusses the conundrums that spring from it. . . . It provides a major contribution to sanity in our government."-Newsweek "A model of how so serious an act of state should be approached."-Wall Street Journal



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