Different Places, Different Voices [ePub]

by Janet Momsen

In the developing world, the subordinate position of women is exacerbated not only by patriarchal values but also by economic crisis and the legacy of colonialism. The traditional model for women has been housework and childcare. However, new socio-economic demands and individual motivation have created new opportunities. Different Places, Different Voices analyzes the changing lives of the women of the South through the voices of female geographers from the developing world. An emphasis on location and positionality highlights the differences created by place and challenges much of the feminist and post-colonial scholarship of the West. The focus on place, with context-specific studies of individual regions, results in a natural grouping by continent of the chapters within the book and emphasizes the diversity of identities. The 20 case studies present regional perspectives by Third World geographers on aspects of urban and rural development, household reproduction, and production and community organization. There is coverage of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania, with contextual and theoretical introductions to each continent by local leading feminist geographers.



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