The Pharaoh's Clan, Disciples Of EVOL [ePub]

by Clayton Oliver

The third installment in the Pharaoh's Clan series, The Disciples of EVOL finds our heroine Doctor Deidra Jones and a rag-tag group of feline enhanced humans fighting to survive after Doctor Choe Lee Chang is rescued from the asylum controlled by the vampires. But who has taken her newborn babies and where are they? For now though the group must find refuge from the determined werewolf huntress Raven Raines and her sunstantial network of support. Raven has a reputation for being relentless and ruthless and she has a predatory desire to kill. Believing themselves safely tucked away in a mountain hideout they soon discover the blond werewolf Han's has more lives than a blessed cat and tracked their location. But the women warriors have a secret weapon within the group—retired special opps soldier Deacon Lowenhart. But can even Deacon with his enhanced human abilities stop the "Blond" from carrying out his demon master's task of destroying the "Sun Daughter," the only human who stands in the way of the Anubis subjugating the modern world of mankind? If Deidra could get past all the interfereing from werewolf assassins, spoiled vampires, and greedy humans trying to either control, kill, or dissect her we might find out.Mankind needs a hero—even if it's a girl—is Deidra the "One"?



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