Anna's Secret Friend [ePub]

by Yoriko Tsutsui

This book is about a little girl named Anna. Anna has recently moved to a new house in a new town. She misses all of her friends, and is lonely because she doesn't have anyone to play with.

One day flowers are delivered to their house, and Anna is sure the flowers are for her. But when she opens the door nobody is there. The following days more flowers come, and then a letter reading: "Friends are nice, I'm very happy you have come, I'll be waiting". But again, Anna doesn't see anyone at the door. The next day a paper doll get sent through the letter box, and Anna runs out and see a girl and ask her to wait. Anna asks if the flowers, letter and doll was for her. The girl nodded, and asked Anna if she wants to play with her. Anna smiles, and they become friends.

This is another book about friendship, and how you can make friends in new places, even though you miss your old friends. I thought this was a cute book, and if I was to present it in my classroom I would choose ages between 3 and 5. At the age of 3 children usually know who they like to play with in class. And this also a great book to use if (and when) you have new students starting the class.



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