For an Architecture of Reality [ePub]

by Michael Benedikt

great book about the importance of "real" architecture; not "garlands that are not garlands" (ex: Michael graves building in downtown portland).this book really pushed the envelope of my understanding on why turn of the century industrial warehouse buildings are such amazingly adaptable creations.contrast to the dry-wall, glass-facade skyscraper. fit to last a maximum of eighty dreary years, with little to no hope for retrofit, while our warehouses will reinvent themselves for centuries.benedikt states: "a building should not be slave to its program," and i agree. i do get lost in some of his descriptions of "nature", as "arbitrary" and innevitable; but who has not had a problem with the litany of writers, who with their vague and undeveloped descriptions of nature topple into a sandbox of mud?this wont be the first or the last time.Significant buildings are achieved and not provided...they are built over time by someone rather than arriving all but ready-made by strangers.benedikt instills a sense of what loss we feel when our buildings appropriate a disintegrated, misinterpretted and poorly crafted style in the name of "progress".lets move to austin and sit in on his lectures. shall we?



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